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A marking of the route that Jackson took as he traveled the Midwest, but I zoomed in a lot haha

Jackson P. Funny (mostly known as "Mr. Funny"; born April 20th, 1869) was an American Settler and comedian who was known for founding the community of Monkey's Eyebrow, Kentucky; as well as many other towns and communities around northwest Kentucky and southern Illinois. Many people have commented on the often humorous names that Funny would give to the locations he claimed, with some examples being "Round Knob, IL"; "Nasty Creek"; "Lick Creek"; "Future City, IL"; "Newcums Chute"; "Big Creek"; and the famous tourist attraction West Kentucky Tractor Parts, which is closed right now but will open at 8:00AM. Some other notable mentions, were Funny's love of the hit video-game, Minecraft, as was shown through his naming of "Redstone Creek"; as well as his love of popular YouTube star Jake Paul, where he founded a church named "Church of God" after Jake's famous line in the chart-topping song "It's Everyday Bro," reading, "[...]and it's selling like a God Church."

Early Life

this is what i imagine it looked like when mr funny smashed one of those wack cameras with his comically sized baseball bat

Funny's early life is shrouded in mystery. During his childhood, he was most likely a very prominent protestor against the mass surveillance that his hometown of Gerlaryufram, TN was under from around 1849 to 1948. Some early videos were found of Funny destroying surveillance devices (such as CCTV Cameras), though various historians have pointed out that since nobody has shown these supposed videos on live television, they cannot be confirmed to be real.

Conspiracy Theories

Some people believe that Mr. Funny's origins are of extraterrestrial nature. Believers of this theory often cite some of Funny's early town names (such as "Urbandale, IL") which have been regarded as "incredibly suspicious and generic sounding." Many oral histories gathered from friends of Mr. Funny have disproved these statements, saying that due to his behavior, Funny would often be suspended from school and punished via mandatory enrollment of Kentucky's Clown-boarding school, which for awhile had given him Funny Repression Syndrom, causing the names he came up with to sound unnatural and weird. However, some have attempted to repute this, stating that they find Mr. Funny's early town names to be funny. But they forgot that earlier they said that the town names were weird, so they're hypocritical and I won't listen to them.